March Monthly Movement Challenge

March Monthly Movement Challenge
June 8, 2022
March Monthly Movement Challenge

March Monthly Movement Challenge

Are you ready for the new Flavor of the Month? Yes, I see you, and you, and you raising your hands! We know that most of you have been trying to figure out what the flavor of the month movement challenge will be for March, well here it is!


Yes, we said box jumps!Or Step-ups!(Even if you have no interest in box jumps, we want you involved!)Some of you may be excited :)Some may not :/Consider this...Here’s another opportunity to get better at a movement that we see often in daily workouts and in the CrossFit Games Open almost every year. We picked this movement to challenge athletes at all levels.Those that are good at box jumps and want to become even more efficient.For example, someone who wants to increase their capacity for the number of box jumps they can complete unbroken.Those who potentially wish to learn the rebounding technique.Those who want to practice jumping to higher heights.Or those who want to graduate from a step-up to box jump period.Like last month, the rules are simple.Complete 25 box jumps or step-ups, earn a sticker.

563 is the goal.

The work averages to 18 jumps each day for 31 days.To keep you safe, we’ve set some limits on the number of box jump reps you can do each day.(See them below)Unlike the wallball there are several variations of box jumps or step-ups. Here’s what we’re accepting for this month’s challenge:

You can find movement standards for the Box Jump and Step-Up towards the bottom of the blog.Although they are relatively simple, If you need assistance on some of the other options, please catch a Coach!Be on the lookout, we will post a few demos, tips, tricks and strategy videos to our social media pages to help your fitness and challenge yourself.

Above all, your safety is important to us, so have fun but please be safe!

Again, in case you’re unfamiliar with the movement standards for box jumps & step-ups, here’s a little guidance...

The Box Jump
The Step-Up

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