Athlete Highlight-Katelyn Despain!

Why did you start crossfitting?
June 8, 2022
Athlete Highlight-Katelyn Despain!

Why did you start crossfitting? I started Crossfitting because my friend, Kelsey, invited me to a class and I'm always down to try something new. I did a trial week and saw how awesome all these other athaletes were and how hard they were working. The workouts were hard and a lot of the movements were new to me in that first week, so I decided I wanted to challenge myself and stick with it to see how much I could grow.What do you love most about it? There are SO many reasons why I love Crossfit, but what I love most is the way that it challenges me physically and mentally. I never knew what I was capable of lifting and what my body was capable of pushing through until I got into Crossfit. Some of the workouts can be really tough and exhausting that make me want to slow down or just give up, but then I can remember back to the beginning and see how much I have grown and accomplished since then and what my body is able to do now that I never thought it would be able to do. And that mental battle in my head has become easier. I am better at telling myself, even when I'm tired, to pick up the bar, don't stop running, or do another rep and remember that it will better me in the long run even though it hurts right now. Learning to face that battle with myself and and learning to love the physical and mental challenges has been one of my favorite things about Crossfit.

How has it impacted your life beyond inside the gym? Crossfit has impacted my life outside the gym by making me more confident overall and stronger in a lot of daily living activities. There are a lot of movements in Crossfit that can be applied to movements you could be doing outside the gym. And overall I know I am a more confident in the way I look and feel. I feel more awake, energized, and excited to get to the gym to get my workout on!

How long have you been a picky eater?I can confidently say I have been a picky eater my whole life. Shout out to my mom who dealt with this for 18 years. Vegetables are not my friend.

What was hardest about your effort to live a healthier lifestyle? Everything about trying to eat healthy in the beginning was hard. Finding healthy foods and actually getting myself to try them is a big battle. I had never watched what I ate my whole life and towards the end of college I started to realize I couldn't do that forever. And since I had never cared to keep track of macros or calories, it was hard for me at first to try and plan out meals. I also never really knew how to cook either since I didn't like a variety of things. So keeping track of macros while fitting in healthier food, and then learning how to actually cook it was my challenge.

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