June 8, 2022

We are very excited to announce that Coach Becky will be joining our coaching team! Learn more about Becky and her CrossFit journey.

I discovered CrossFit in 2009/2010. There were no mirrors, no machines and it was in an industrial space with the garage doors wide open, music blaring. There were athletes in incredible shape running right along side complete beginners – Everyone was drenched in sweat and cheering each other on and having a blast working out.

I dove in and have been hooked ever since. The intensity, the functionality, its competitive nature and the results that came far exceeded anything that I had tried before.

I soon transitioned this passion for CrossFit into coaching. Becoming a coach has allowed me to share my love for CrossFit with others on a new level. Helping others and coaching them to help improve their skills is something I’m very passionate about. “Your goals are my goals.”

I have Crossfitt’ed through two pregnancies and have coached dozens of amazing moms throughout their pregnancies too. It is super human what our bodies can do when we continue to train for all paths of our lives .

I am blessed to have found my passion and home within the CrossFit community. I have moved several times and each time I thankfully have been able to find some of the most amazing friends and motivators within my CrossFit gym. I love the community. I love watching people hit PRs that they never thought were possible. I am so excited to make Live Active 563 my new home.

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