June 8, 2022
I CrossFit because?

After college I started looking for a way to get a good workout in without having to workout for hours on end and I needed the structure of having workouts programmed. I found CrossFit and also found the competitiveness that you can get with each and every workout either with yourself or with other people is very motivating. Another big thing that's great about CrossFit is the community it brings. I didn’t know that when I started but I do now! I also do CrossFit for my son to keep me healthy and living longer for him. Oh, yeh and I also do CrossFit to keep up with my smoking hot wife and her fitness.

I have been CrossFitting for?

7 years!

I coach because?

I enjoyed being an athlete at the gym so I wanted to learn more about the movements and why CrossFit is so effective. Getting my L1 allowed me to step up into being a coach and #1, help out a gym that I loved and #2, help a few people in the gym with their CrossFit skills.

My favorite movement is...

Probably any type of clean for weight lifting and I would also say ring muscle ups is one of the top ones because of the technique and skill that goes into it.

My weakest movement is...

Rope climbs because I hate them, pistols, and handstands walks (but it would be really cool to be able to learn to walk on my hands). Ha

My favorite junk food is...

My wife says anything sweet. So Ice cream, cookies, etc.

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