June 8, 2022

We are so proud of Alec! Coach Tami says Alec is a rockstar in every way!!! He's crushing it using the plate method and continues to try new foods.Check out what Alec had to say about his Wellness Kickstart experience!

What prompted you to join the kickstart program at Russell? And what did you hope to get out of it?

I needed to make changes to my overall health and my WIFE was HUGE at pushing me to take the first step by encouraging me to sign up for the kickstart program! And what I had done in the past to lose weight and more active was not working so I was ready to learn more and make changes. My wife was an incredible accountability partner and did majority of the meal prepping and cooking for us. And investing $ in a program and my health gave me the motivation and accountability I needed to make MAJOR changes to my lifestyle. We were in a rut and the HSN recipes and healthy habits & tools got us out of our rut and into a good nutrition and fitness routine. We love the recipes and will continue to incorporate those into our weekly meal planning.My kickstart goals were to lose weight, be more active, change my food choices, learn how much I need to eat daily, and reduce my stress from work & life stuff (renovating a house).

What did you learn from kickstart program?

"Wow, I learned that PROTEIN is such a positive addition to my plate! I was not eating anywhere close to enough protein or calories daily! My body responsed really well to eating more protein. I am stronger, have more energy, run faster, and actually enjoy eating more foods! And I learned that logging my food is what I needed to stay on track with my daily intake.

Do you think you will continue to practice and use the tools & habits you learned from the program?

YES! I am definitely going to continue to use the plate method to make sure I am eating enough. And I enjoy strength training way more than I did in college! And I am very excited to LEARN more about strength training with ON RAMP sessions. Thank you both for giving me that as a prize!

What does success look like to you? And what are some things that could detrail you from progress?

Success to me is is all the results I've seen so far in the #'s because I am a #'s guy! And I truly feel better, my life is more balanced, and will continue to focus on a healthy lifestyle while we are young and have more time. What derails me is LIFE STRESS, TIME and other projects at home....however my wife is the BEST and we enjoyed doing this kickstart together and promised each other to keep each other accountability to our goals. We walk almost every night together post dinner and had fun doing this kickstart. And definitely would be interested in doing it again next year :)

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