Veggie Love Part 1

Veggie Love Part 1
June 8, 2022
Veggie Love Part 1

Maybe you’ve watched the film “The Game Changers” and now you are curious about a plant based diet? Maybe you are confused about what “plant based” even means? Maybe you just want to eat more vegetables? Maybe, just maybe, you are curious if the age old question is legit: but what about protein???Step #1: Take a deep breath. I’m not going to try to convince you to become vegan or plant based or vegetarian.However, I do want you to understand that regardless of your nutritional beliefs: vegan, paleo, keto, whole 30, etc…one thing we can aaaaalllllll agree on is that we need to eat more vegetables. Sooooo… with that being said, where do we start?

#1: Re-read above.

#2: Keep an open mind.Vegan, vegetarian, plant based, and just simply eating more veggies doesn’t mean that salad is your only option. Although, personally, I do believe fresh greens topped with an abundance of healthy ingredients is mighty tasty and completely satisfying…just saying. Anyways, branch out, try new recipes, visit new-to-you bloggers! You are much more likely to enjoy your food if you are taking the time to prepare your food with an adventurous spirit.

#3: Stock up.

Tofu? Tempeh? Lentils? Beans? Greens? Veggies? Herbs? Quinoa? Nutritional yeast? Find the recipes you want to try out, then hit the ground running! Head to the grocery store and stock your fridge and pantry with everything you need. Set yourself up for success by taking the time to plan ahead. Nothing is worse than being completely ready to try out a new recipe and realize you are one ingredient short!

#4: Try something completely new.

We’ve all seen that fruit or vegetable or “thing” in the produce section that is completely new and foreign…in fact, we’ve probably passed it up a hundred times. Well, what if you decided to grab it and take it home? *gasp* Would you like it? Would you hate it? Seriously, the worst thing that could happen is you spit it out and chalk it up as a life experience. At best you get to have an awesome Instagram moment to prove your produce knowledge and knowhow…woohoo, go you!

#5: Give yourself time.

Not only to adjust to a new diet or way of eating, but just in general. It’s going to take a little extra time heading into a store to get the ingredients (some of which you have maybe never heard of before) to your new recipes. It may take extra time to google how to prepare yaro, or leeks, or whatever for cooking. It won’t always take this long. I promise.

#6: Take it easy.

Some people decide to go vegan overnight, and never look back. Some people find a slower transition more comfortable. Some people love, love, LOVE their meat and never ever ever plan to go plant based. It’s allllll okay. Again, the goal is to get you to eat a variety of whole foods….including an abundance of veggies.Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of meat eater vs plant based, we can help you find the perfect balance to your plate. And yeeeesssssssss…that balance includes plenty of protein. (**note: future blog post about protein coming soon**) You may start seeing a variety of recipes popping up here and on social media that include everything from meat to edamame. Try them all! Find what you love. I’m going to always try to convince you to eat more whole foods, explore the produce department, and taste the rainbow (and no, I don’t mean Skittles).I fear that if I go on too much longer, I risk of becoming the nagging old woman that constantly reminds you to "eat your vegetables". *sigh* So, if you have more questions about vegging out... Or about improving your nutrition in general... Don’t hesitate to ever reach out with questions or to request a face-to-face about your nutritional and performance needs. I love each and every opportunity to geek out.


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