Monthly Movement Challenge

Monthly Movement Challenge
June 8, 2022
Monthly Movement Challenge


Who’s ready for a challenge?!Something new coming at you for February for those of you looking to add a little extra fitness to your life.We’re challenging you to take on what may be one of the most loathed, despised, detested movements in the CrossFit world.We imagine it’s a close race with burpees.


563 to be exact.Appropriate right?

Our Monthly Movement Challenge for the month of February is 563 wallballs.

That’s 19.4/day. You get a bonus day this year, since it’s a Leap Year ;)More realistic, if you only do extra wallballs on the days you make it into the gym, and you average 5 classes per week, you’ll need to complete 22/day. Too easy.4 per week, 35/day. Still not bad.3 per week, 46/day. That may get rough.The rules are simple….Remember when you were in school, think pre-school, and your teacher rewarded you for good behavior?For staying quiet in the halls. Sharing with a friend. Using good manners. Cleaning up after yourself, or your messy friend Laramie...everyone knows a Laramie, right?Really any good behavior.For said good behaviors you earned a smiley face, star, heart sticker that was added to a poster board hung for all to see??We know you do!We have our own version, our Monthly Movement Challenge Chart which will be hung at the gym.A little old school, a little outdated, maybe even a little tacky, but oh so rewarding.So, do your wallballs, earn a stickerYou’ll earn 1 sticker for every 25 wallballs completed.Do your wallballs then catch a coach, who will then add your stickers to the chart.Also, anything completed in a regular class workouts counts. Sometimes you get lucky.

Remember, it’s a CHALLENGE.

If you’re an average dude, throwing a 6 pound ball to the 9 foot target is not a challenge.Challenge yourself.We wanna see you doing the extra work.Fighting for good squat depth.Tossing the ball a little higher than normal.Tossing a heavier ball if you can handle it.Doing unbroken sets of 20 reps if you would typically shoot for 15.Again, challenge yourself.There’s camaraderie in suffering, so grab a buddy after you’re next class and build that booty.

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