Nutrition Highlight - Maddy Miller!

Maddy is an absolute athlete in every way!
June 8, 2022
Nutrition Highlight - Maddy Miller!

Maddy is an absolute athlete in every way! She is very motivated to make changes, accepts coaching and NEVER makes excuses!! Coach Tami loves working with Maddy!She LOST 14.5# of body fat and body weight which is 4.5% body fat loss to date!She is now down 2 clothes sizes in just 3 months and continues to eat to be healthy and play rugby at Palmer College!!!

What she has learned from the program so far...

Maddy has fallen in love with the process of learning about nutrition! She's learning why good food is important, how much protein she needs to eat daily and how well her body responds to eating whole foods regularly. Cleaning out her pantry and fridge early on in her program was part of the learning process for Maddy and in doing so she found it was easier to prep meals and snacks each week. She logged her food regularly coupled with meal prepping to be successful.Amazing things have happened to her body and life from just a few changes she's made. She's gained more energy and endurance, her sleep has improved and she's performed at a much higher level during this rugby season!!!Maddy's smile says it all! By eating healthier and staying consistent with her exercise routine she is way more confident in many aspects of her life!! In addition she has inspired some of her teammates to make better food choices and their rugby team made it to Nationals!WE ARE SO PROUD OF MADDY!

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