Holiday Hacks: How to Shop For The Fitness Freak In Your Life

Have a fitness freak on your holiday shopping list? Well look no further. In this blog post we break down the best gifts for fit people!
April 30, 2024
Holiday Hacks: How to Shop For The Fitness  Freak In Your Life

The Holiday Season is creeping up and if you are here, it is probably because you have a special person in your life who is a Fitness Freak.

Fitness freak- someone who is extremely passionate about physical fitness and health. They are often very dedicated, disciplined, conscience of how they look and what they put into their body.

Shopping for them is NOT an easy task. But by following these guidelines you will know which gifts to avoid,which gifts to get, and some of the best places to find giftspiration.

Gifts To Avoid

Gifts that are unhealthy

This may seem like an obvious answer… but it is not to be overlooked.

Generally speaking it is usually appropriate to gift someone something unhealthy, such as; chocolates, cookies, alcohol, or cigars.

But these items are all detrimental to one's health and well-being, and as such, they could be viewed as unwelcome gifts by a Fitness Freak who is trying to stay fit and healthy.


Fitness Freaks are very health-conscious and aware of what they're putting into their body. 

Buying them a new supplement may seem like a good idea, but unless you know the exact flavor and brand of supplement that they use, there's no reason for them to try one out.

Workout equipment they haven't specifically asked for

A fitness freak probably has all of the workout equipment that they need. Getting them equipment that they don’t ask for will most likely end up being unused.

If you really want to gift them some equipment, try running it by them first to see if they are receptive to it. You could ask them their opinions on the equipment in general or if you don’t want to keep your gift a surprise you could just straight up ask them if they would like one.

What Kind Of Gifts Do Fitness Freaks Actually Want?


Fitness Freaks are working out 5+times a week and are constantly sweating through their clothes. Buy them some high-quality fitness clothing from top brands like:

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, or LuluLemon.

Giving them workout clothes is practical and it shows them that you have taken notice of their passions and wanted to get something useful for them.

Accessory Upgrades

Take notice of their gym accessories and think about how you might be able to help them upgrade.

For Example, They may have old torn up gloves that they have been wearing to the gym for years. Consider getting them a fresh new pair.

Or take a look at the water bottle that they bring with them. There are new high tech bottles like the Hidralite Smart water bottle that will automatically track their water intake on their smart phone. This technology could be a helpful upgrade for someone constantly tracking their body.

Where To Find Gifts Ideas For Fitness Freaks?

If you are shopping for your FitnessFreak Mom or Dad try looking at

This new site has many curated gift guides that will help you find the perfect presents for your parents. You can find fitness and practical smart tech gifts on their Hottest Presents Lists. But they also have more specific categories like; 50 Gifts for Mom’s that love Yoga or Top Gifts for Active Moms. is an all encompassing fitness site with information on fitness, nutrition, goals, exercises, and more.

This gift guide in particular on Best Gifts for Weightlifters and Bodybuilders contains several different gifts and ideas that will help you find a great and relevant present. is all about home gym equipment reviews, training, nutrition, and anatomy.  

Their guide on 33 Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders will certainly help you find something worthy.

Lastly, if you are shopping for a special female Fitness Freak check out

This site is dedicated to FitnessApp Reviews and Motivational Content, but also contains a great post on 11 Fitness Gifts to Get Her.


By checking out some of these other websites and following these guidelines of what to get for the Fitness Freak in your life, you are certain to find a relevant gift.

Don’t buy: unhealthy gifts, supplements, or equipment unless they ask.

Do buy: Clothes and Accessory Upgrades

Places to find gift ideas:,,, and

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