Matt Rebro! Russell Road To Wellness Highlight!

Matt Rebro! Russell Road To Wellness Highlight!
June 8, 2022
Matt Rebro! Russell Road To Wellness Highlight!

We couldn't be more proud of Matt for using his companies Wellness Initiative to give him a little "kickstart"! Check out what Matt has to say to some of the questions we asked him!

What prompted you to join the kickstart program at Russell? And what did you hope to get out of it?

Plain & simple I was in a STAGNANT place...aka in a rut! I needed to LOSE weight. And the company offering this program and supplementing the cost was a nice PUSH to get me signed up and motivated! And my wife is very health conscience and felt the need for me to learn from someone other than her :)

I enjoy cardio but don't love weight training. And the kickstart program got me consistently following a balance exercise routine.

What did you learn from kickstart program?

I learned that strength training was NEEDED in my life to gain lean mass and lose inches. I also learned that I needed to eat before and after a workout. I now consume the Fairlife drink daily and eat more breakfast! And I am drinking more water than I ever have.

Do you think you will continue to practice and use the tools & habits you learned from the program?

Yes! I will continue to follow my nutrition plan as best as I can as it makes me more confident in my body and taking off my shift :) :) Most importantly I feel better and want to live a healthy life & be alive to walk my daughter down the aisle.

What does success look like to you? And what are some things that could derail you from progress?

Success to me at this point in my life is truly being CONSISTENT with eating healthier and exercising. It is so easy for me to get out of a routine because of our busy family life and work schedule/travel.

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