Michele Bick

Michele Bick

LV1 CrossFit Coach

Bench - 190 lbs.; Conventional Deadlift - 330 lbs.; Snatch - 155 lbs.; Grace - 2:19; Isabel - 2:36; 10,000m Row - 46:10.


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

My educational background is mechanical engineering and I have dedicated my last 11 years to working for the US Army as a civilian, both private and government sides. One year of which I volunteered for a civilian deployment with the 59th FEST-A to assist with OIR and OSS missions while stationed at Camp Buehring, Kuwait (CBKU). While stationed at CBKU I was fortunate to assist running the gym there, CrossFit Spartan Shield, as role of Lead Coach - To read more on this you can visit TheMorningChalkUp.com. Collectively, I have been doing CrossFit for the past four (4) years with specified training of Olympic lifting and powerlifting. Growing up I played an eclectic variety of sports to include softball, football, soccer, tennis, track, men’s lacrosse, and four years varsity golf in high school. In college I played D1 collegiate rugby for the University of Nevada Women's Rugby team and was Captain my last two years. A lot of life experiences have morphed myself into the leader and coach I am today. Perhaps the most significant and my most proud "athletic" accomplishment is that I have been sober for over six (6) years - let me explain more below.

Turning Point

January 11, 2016. My turning point. My keystone point. In short, fitness literally saved my life. You see, prior to this date, through my own accountability alone, I was turning myself into a terrible alcoholic. We will leave the full details for another meeting, however I brought myself to a point to which I lost all love for anything of true value - like my passion for rugby and fitness - and was solely concerned about a substance. I was out of shape, miserable, and literally drinking myself to death. I was living my life half asleep. Thus, on January 11, 2016 I finally made the decision for me and by me to take a vow of sobriety. There are not many ways to truly describe my insanity towards fitness, however since January 11, 2016 there has not been many rest days since. I truly believe fitness saved my life after my substance abuse and I want to spend the rest of my life showing others it's possible in their lives as well. I am living proof that fitness works for recovery and I hope I can continue this career in which I can help others, Live Active.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation for coaching is simple: It’s YOU. I want to breath into our athletes that confidence and success. That’s true for our everyday athletes and all the way for our elite athletes. I want you to be able to move well inside AND outside the gym. Whether that is picking a heavy barbell off the floor or picking your child up for a hug, I want to hear what your goals are so I can help you, Live Active.

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