Madeline Craig

Madeline Craig



MS in Health Promotion, BS in Human Physiology, ACSM Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Precision Nutrition Pn1 Coach, ACE Certified Health Coach, 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor, Certified Barre Above Instructor

About Coach

I am a learner at heart - always seeking out what my next "thing" is. For me, my passion for fitness started as a competitive dancer for 12 years. After graduating high school, my next thing became yoga, which eventually lead me to more group fitness classes/styles and now here I am doing CrossFit!!! Now, my next "thing" is to seek out what my body is capable of - running marathons and completing a 50K Spartan Ultra have been some of my favorites! I just keep telling myself: "YES YOU CAN, YES YOU WILL!"

Turning Point

Growing up as a competitive dancer, I was constantly hyperaware of how my body looked compared to others. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. In high school and early college years, I became consumed with the idea of eating “healthy” to lose weight and be “skinny.” I tried every diet in the books — whole 30, keto, restricting calories, meal replacement shakes, juice cleanses (yes, I literally drank juice for 3 days straight on more than one occasion…). The results were temporary. In a matter of weeks, I would be right back to square one. It wasn’t sustainable. I was constantly tired, frequently sick, and even lost my period for months during longer bouts of restrictive dieting. <br /> <br /> The stars aligned and in the right moment, at the right time, I ended up in yoga teacher training. As a group exercise instructor, my health behaviors were now in a spotlight. When people would ask me what my diet and workouts looked like, it made me analyze all of my health behaviors and think.<br /> <br /> “would I recommend what I am doing to someone else?” <br /> <br /> The answer was almost always no. <br /> <br /> Eventually, and really due to having the right support system, my restrictive eating tendencies and constant diet cycling faded. <br /> <br /> My curiosity was sparked. I looked at health from a whole new lens. I attended health workshops, read books about sustainable nutrition, and furthered my academic education. Years of learning and growth later, I realized 3 things: <br /> <br /> 1. food is fuel; <br /> 2. I feel at my best when I feel physically strong; <br /> 3. having a strong support system is key.<br /> <br /> My story is still a work in progress. I have done the work on myself and preach about these topics to others daily. Yet, I find myself still struggling with this more often than I would like to admit. My story is not perfect, my story is not healed, but my story is mine.

Motivation & Passion

I know what it is like to navigate a world that is saturated with misinformation and harmful health trends - it is NOT easy. I am on a mission to help you become the best version of YOU by providing new perspectives on your health and well-being. <br /> <br /> ...and of course to help you become the STRONGEST version of yourself.

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