Coach Debra

Coach Debra
June 8, 2022
Coach Debra

Coaches Highlight - Coach Debra

I CrossFit because....

I enjoy the challenge that our sport brings each day. It challenges me to push myself each day beyond my wildest dreams. Each day provides me an opportunity to become a better athlete and to set goals that I still have not yet accomplished. CrosssFit has increased my confidence not only in the gym but outside the gym as well. I look at it as my “me” time. For the one hour that I workout each day, I am focused on only the tasks that are in front of me. I have been CrossFitting now for six years and yet there are so many goals that I still want to achieve.

I coach because...

I love to see our athletes grow and become better, stronger, faster across the months and years and the joy that it brings them when they accomplish something that they initially thought that they could never do. I coach because I love to see the celebrations when someone hits a new PR. My favorite movements are box jumps, wall balls, pull-ups, burpees, cleans, and deadlifts. My weakest movements are ring muscle ups, CTB pull-ups, and heavy snatches. I have been chasing a 135# snatch for over a year now - but this is the year. My favorite junk food is dry peanut butter Captain Crunch with a Pepsi.

One more thing....

One of my favorite things to do as a Live Active 563 coach is coach at our John Deere facility two days a week. The program is set up for me to go to their facility on Tuesday / Thursday afternoons and train their athletes. The classes are structured similar to our Bettendorf location. I really enjoy coaching these athletes. All of which were brand new to CrossFit when they started. I enjoy their eagerness to learn and be better each week and love to see the smiles on their faces when they experience the results. I will like to add that I wish that I knew about CrossFit way before I was introduced to it. I served nine years as an active duty soldier in the United States Army. Now, so many years later, I feel fitter than when I was in the Army. Over the years CrossFit had taught me things like muscle-ups and hand stand push-ups that I never knew I was capable of doing.

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